Previous Winner: Alex Evans

Is it legal rape boys as cute as Alex in his native Canada? It should be.

@JakeWolfCrunk and His 8-inch Kiki-Buster (censored)

There are two things in this cold cruel world that StickyDrama loves:   1.  Big hard cock   2.  Posting about Kiki Kannibal   Combining the...

Alex Evans Unretouched

Ryan Andrew recently sent StickyDrama an unretouched photo of popular Myspace cutie Alex Evans, who won our first Eye Candy...

Jew Bewtie: Elliot Ben's Ass

Two-thousand years have passed since the crucifixton of Jesus Christ. Two-thousand years of suffering had to be endured, until...

Peen On The Line

Guess who's wiener may soon be widely seen across the Internetz? Pictured above is the titillating Isaiah Garnica and he has...

@JakeFuckingWolf on @mmmKikiKannibal's Mother, Vagina, Maturity and their Breakup

Recently we had the splendid occasion to catch Jake Wolf blabbing away about his ex-girlfriend Kiki Kannibal. Here's what he...

In the Butt

Usually Myspace drama is lame---how exciting can a few pissy messages be? But throw in a videocamera and sodomy, and...

Eye Candy Winner: Hey0oxjon

Hey0oxjon is a rarity among hackers: He's handsome, loyal & has a nice fat p33n. Vote for this cutie---or he'll own...

Monkey see, monkey do

Its one thing to see Brittany's big, busty titties... But another thing seeing monkey boy Bisante imitate them, as only Bisante...

Previous Winner: Mike Larsen

Normally our Eye Candy gallery is reserved for cuties whose genitals have not been seen by all of Stickam. While...