TMTH – Elimination Update

StickyDrama has been watching less television over the past months, as the intrigue of online drama has inexorably drawn us...

South By Sleaze-Fest

Its been 3 days since SXSW ended, far long enough for promises to be broken and confidences betrayed. Let us begin...

A Tale of Two Audios

Yesterday on a whim, StickyDrama opened both Audiowh0regasm's Live, as well as the SXSW 08 profile's. And we GASPED at...

Audiojesusfuckingchristwh0regasm on Lush's Video

StickyDrama's bullshit detector went off the charts recently, as we listened to Audiowh0regasm's unconvincing explanation of how her n00dz were...

Oh Really, Audio?


Audio Defeats Rapist in SXSW Casting Call

Thank fucking god the Rapist lost. While the ultimate result was the same, there were two interesting disparities between StickyDrama's poll...

Holy Shit!!! @ChelseaCriner Doing Porn!

Chelsea Criner, known by her online sobriquet Audiowh0regasm, has re-emerged from obscurity.  And in the most unlikely of places.     That's right,...

Break Out the Wide-Angle Lens

StickyDrama was among the several hundred users who tuned in for Audiowh0regasm's first day as the SXSW correspondent. Our first impression:...


On the SXSW profile, there is a video entitled boothiness in which a distinguished gentleman named B.O.B. Bob snatches a...

Cute Song But Show Some Vag Already

StickyDrama can be somewhat stubborn. It would doubtless bring us more traffic if we focused our gossip-mongering on the banal press...

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