Stevie Ryan Dead By Suicide

The former Stickam Star and actress was found dead at her residence in Los Angeles. She hanged herself. She was 33 years old.

What Has Hanna Beth Done To Her Lips?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! Scene Queen Resembles Plastic Surgery Addict Pete Burns

House of DVF asked Hanna Beth the question on everyone’s mind: “Are your lips real?” The scene queen denied DVF’s suggestion, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Check out the before and after pics!

Melissa Click, Face Of SJW Fascism At Mizzou, Charged With Assault

Melissa Click, the University of Missouri professor who tried to physically remove journalists from a black “safe space” on the public university’s campus, has been charged with misdemeanor assault.

Twitter Fights Are Not Harassment; Gregory Elliot Free, Feminists Triggered

Freedom of speech, which has been under attack lately, was ultimately reaffirmed today when a Toronto man was found not guilty of criminal harassment on Twitter. Caveat: the ruling applies only in Canada, which has given us nothing but trouble, trash and maple syrup.

Ghetto Cabs: Another Deeply Problematic Craigslist Ad

“Do you need a cheap ass ride? Call Ghetto Cabs!”

Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist: An Unsafe Tête-À-Tête With Feminist Kat Blaque

Feminist vlogger Kat Blaque kicked off the new year on Everyday Feminism with the contention it is impossible for black people to be racist. StickyDrama must disagree: Everyone can be a little bit racist sometimes–even blacks.

Brian Silva, #GRATATA Vine Star And Gay Porn Star, Arrested For Abduction

FYI: Gay porn and gangsta rap don’t mix.

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@BOTDFmusic’s New Song “You Dun Goofed” About @JessiiSlaughter

Stevie Ryan Dead By Suicide

The former Stickam Star and actress was found dead at her residence in Los Angeles. She hanged herself. She was 33 years old.

@ElectricLuxury At It AGAIN

Okay, where do I start? This non-famous wanna be celeb who’s name goes by “Electric Luxury” is so desperate for fame. First of all, he Tweets to celebs like he talks to them & is friends with them, GET OVER IT! He’s had a few Twitter fights because people call him a fame whore, which… (read more)

Myspace kids that Time Forgot … and more Brandon Failton.

Sticky Drama has most likely gone to the dogs, while I appreciate that Chris needs to make money in order to sustain his existence as well as this site, I think we can all agree the pop ups and redirected pages are pissing us off. Add to that the fact that Amor Hilton has gotten… (read more)

WTF @AmorHilton

Working the corner again sweetheart?

averyARMOIRELee says children deserve to be raped

This chick has gone full retard. Not only has she been blatantly attempting to copy amor hilton (as has been mentioned in previous posts about her), but now she’s proving herself to be a spoiled, unintelligent brat. Check out the conversation between she and I below (from her facebook where her status was about how… (read more)

Anyone have these hotties links? They are so sexy

“thegrimreapers” Destroying Meebo

Don’t you just hate when people can’t stay away from the internet? well a group of scene fails takes that to an extreme level. they call themselves “thegrimreapers”. they watch chatrooms ALL day and boot people off of there. they literally have no life. i dont even think they sleep. this “group” is a joke…. (read more)

who is this hottie??

idk who this guy is but ive been seeing him on myspace alot on roleplay accounts?? who is he??

You Should Just Give Up Sweetie

Well everyone I’d like you all to meet Rachel Now Rachel here, like most teenagers has a youtube account. Except she is one of millions of youtubers that really shouldn’t be on youtube. (If you can’t sit through it, I can completely understand) Warning: Ears may bleed

LaSIF Allure

Okay so I keep coming across this girl on myspace named Lashawna Allure.  At first I though she was decent looking by her default. Until I looked at the rest of her pictures and threw up in my mouth a little. I checked more into it and REALIZED that she is angled and has no… (read more)

@jaGKson Jackson Jawbreaker dun goof’d

So I was on Tumblr and saw that one of the people I was following rebloged something that Jackson Jawbreaker posted.  I had head about him before from this site so curiosity took over and I went to his page.  He had some funny stuff so I kept looking through it only to find this:… (read more)

Geez Taryn Elizabeth

You’re so fat and ugly just go away. Seriously you photoshop to much and you are disgusting. YOU’RE NOT FOOLING ANYONE.

Meet Daniel Rawrick

This is a boy whose idiocy should have become the subject of an internet meme a long time ago. Meet Daniel Rawrick. When Daniel isn’t on his stickam calling girls sluts and showing off his bowl cut, he’s on his formspring  expressing his complex views on racism. For example, He also claims to be a… (read more)

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: An Open Letter to Sticky (With Sticky’s Responses)

Dear Sticky, The problem with you is that you argue over small details while ignoring the bigger picture. You asserted that the efagz post was libelous because it stated that the Arizona police issued a search warrant to you, when in fact they issued a search warrant to your web host. This is a minor… (read more)

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